Art Print Laminated on Dibond and Shadow Gap Frame

Art Print Laminated on Dibond and Shadow Gap Frame

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Extracts of the price lists (excluding taxes) of the prints laminated on Dibond 3mm
Example of price for a color print on Hahnemülhe Fine Art Baryta 325 g/m2 paper

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Formats Tirage + contrecollage Sur châssis rentrant En caisse américaine
Formats 2/3
20 x 30 cm 39,80 € 60,09 € 67,37 €
24 x 36 cm 46,68 € 66,97 € 79,76 €
30 x 45 cm 58,58 € 86,48 € 99,94 €
40 x 60 cm 83,60 € 114,03 € 138,74 €
50 x 75 cm 115,97 € 159,08 € 184,90 €
60 x 90 cm 152,48 € 208,27 € 235,19 €
70 x 105 cm 193,15 € 254,48 € 292,65 €
80 x 120 cm 249,65 € 320,66 € 359,93 €
100 x 150 cm 369,81 € 466,18 € 507,66 €
110 x 165 cm 442,98 €   594,62 €



Our Fine Art print laminated on a 3 mm aluminum Dibond plate is the essential presentation for photographers wishing to sublimate their works with a refined and timeless finish. The lamination on Dibond guarantees an exceptional rigidity for an unequalled resistance in time, whatever the chosen format.

By opting for this presentation, you benefit from a sober and space-saving support that will highlight your pictures like never before. In addition, the "Gallery" finish offers a refined presentation thanks to the installation of a frame that retracts into the back of your print, giving it a real volume and an effect of detachment from the wall.

And because we want to offer you excellence, our black and white prints are made in Piezography Pro, with the densest black to date. Give your artworks the setting they deserve with our Fine Art print mounted on Dibond and stand out from the competition with an elegant and high-end presentation.



Art Photo Lab offers two protection solutions that provide a final touch and enhance the value of your prints

1 - Laminating
Laminating is a process that consists of applying a protective film to the print.
Two choices are offered to you, the satin finish which will give a satin effect rendering with few reflections or the glossy finish for stronger contrasts and accentuated densities. In order to guarantee a perfect rendering, the prints intended for this finish are made exclusively on a smooth art paper, allowing a flawless adhesion.

2 - The satin varnish
You want to make your prints on other papers, or simply give a personal touch that will make the difference. The satin varnish finish is the most beautiful finish: it is a varnish that we apply ourselves with a roller. Technically, it is also the best protection against UV, a longevity and an incomparable aspect that makes your print even more unique and transforms it into a work of art


Pose du vernis Art Photo Lab en deux fois deux passes croisées

Application of the satin varnish

Pose du vernis Art Photo Lab en deux fois deux passes croisées

An artisanal process


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